No Cash? No Problem!

What is Strikepay?

Strikepay is a cashless, contactless, hassle-free tipping and payments solution which lets you receive tips instantly - with no terminal, power source, or app required.

As much as we love cash, it's quickly disappearing due to the COVID-19. We are on a mission to revolutionise the way we tip and pay while bringing 100% transparency to our users.

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How does it work?

Strikepay's cutting-edge technology lets anyone receive cashless, and contactless tips instantly.

Customers do not need to sign-up to anything, only scan the QR code or tap to tip with their phone.

Set up in 3 simple steps:

Real time, fast digital tips from Strikepay

Create Strikepay
account for free 

Strikepay tap or scan to tip

Customer scans or taps your card with their phone and selects amount to tip

Strikepay tipping app trusted to earn you more

Tip is sent straight to your account, with a cashout option daily*

*Cashout option available once there is a
minimum balance of €10 in your account

Who is Strikepay for?

Strikepay is for everyone who works in the hospitality, beauty, and trade sectors.

We provide you with a quicker and easier way to receive and manage tips and we are the market leader in Ireland, and growing quickly in the UK.

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Want proof?

Take a look at what our customers have to say:

“A safe, easy and foolproof tipping system that works for both us and the employees. Strikepay has literally changed the game"

- Sean Bryan, Founder @ Cut and Sew barber chain

"Since joining Strikepay, we have received great feedback from customers enjoying the person to person tipping experience. I would highly recommend it."

- Shane Crilly, Founder @ Base Pizza chain