A new way to tip, without cash

Strikepay increases tips & staff retention while making you compliant with the new Tipping Legislation. We do this while keeping it entirely separate from the business. We also know that you’ve enough on your plate without adding tip administration to it - so let us take care of it for you, at no cost to the business.

Start accepting digital tips instantly with our globally patent-pending technology.

Benefits of Strikepay

Business Owners

Instant setup

No cost or admin for you

Gets you compliant with the new Tipping Legislation


Get Tips directly

Earn more in Tips

What's not to love?


No need for cash

Safe and secure

Tip staff directly

Faster, simpler, better

Say goodbye to clunky, long winded payment methods. Instead, say hello to faster and better payments for you and your team.  

Instant payments

Strikepay makes payments as easy as handing over cash and is supported by Apple Pay, Google Pay or even bank card. Payments are sent instantly to your Strikepay account.

Sign up instantly

No app or terminal needed, customers simply scan a QR code or tap with their phone to tip. Payout option available daily so you are in complete control of your account. Sign up now.

Managing your team has never been easier

Use Strikepay to set up and manage your team. Or just let your team manage themselves. Take the guesswork out of splitting tips fairly & on-time.