Cashless, effortless tips

We know that you’ve enough on your plate without adding tip management to it - so let us take care of it!

With Strikepay, tips can be sent to an individual, a whole team or individuals within a team, the choice is completely yours.

Create your Strikepay account for free

Whether you’re a killer team or crushing it solo, sign up and you can be accepting cashless tips in a couple of simple steps.

Watch the tips roll in

No cash? No problem! Customers scan the QR code or tap your Strikepay card to send you tips. We work on all devices, and customers do not need to sign up to send tips. Just instant tipping from day 1.

Safe and direct

Send your tips straight to your bank account whenever you have a minimum balance of €10, no messing around - it’s your hard-earned money.

You can also insert your team’s tipping link into your client communications e.g. confirmation email.

Benefits of Strikepay

Business Owners

Quick and hassle-free setup

No hidden charges

No tip admin


Earn more money

Receive tips instantly

Cashout option available daily


No need for cash

Safe and secure

Tip staff instantly

We want you to earn more

We want your customers to be able to say thanks anytime, anywhere. Tipping is a huge part of that for millions of people. So how about we bring tipping into the 21st century?