Double Tips for your Staff and get rid of your cash management problems immediately

Strikepay fixes this! Customers simply scan your Strikepay tips QR code and tip using their phone.

With Strikepay, customers simply scan your QR code and tip using Apple Pay/Google Pay or Card on their phone straight into your Strikepay digital wallet. These can be placed on tables, receipts, menus, you choose!

No integration • No App • No Setup Cost • No Contract
Real time, fast digital tips from Strikepay

Claim your QR code in seconds

Strikepay tap or scan to tip

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Strikepay tipping app trusted to earn you more

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Hundreds of businesses already trust Strikepay, a totally Irish company born out of a cashless lockdown to manage their tips

Why Strikepay

• Setup in 1 minute
• No power needed
• Instant Cashless Tips for staff
• Customers just Tap phone or Scan QR
• No App required!
• World’s Simplest Cashless Tips for businesses

How it works

• Get tips from Apple Pay, Google Pay or any card
• 1 minute setup - Accept QR Payments immediately
• Your chosen tip ambassador transfers out the tips digitally from your Strikepay wallet directly to your team
• No financial admin
• Link to your Revolut or any bank account

Set up your account and start earning tips!

Click the link below to set up your account. It’s so simple it can be done within the hour!

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