In-Person Contactless Donations With Strikepay

Accept Contactless Donations without the need for a powered terminal or even an App.
Anyone Can Donate Instantly With A Simple Tap of Their Phone.

Real time, fast digital tips from Strikepay

Cashless donations

Accept cashless donations straight to your Strikepay account in real time

Strikepay tap or scan to tip

Contactless tap or scan

Let people send contactless donations to your cause using just their phone

Strikepay tipping app trusted to earn you more

Fundraising & Charities

Connect your bank account and receive secure, regular pay-outs on demand

Collect cashless donations

It's easy to use and free to get started

1. Create your Strikepay account for free

Edit your Strikepay profile & manage your Strikepay tags. You can link your bank account when you cash out your tips

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2. Let your donators tap or scan

Let people send contactless donations to your Strikepay account using just their phone

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Strikepay significantly enhances traditional cash donations with easy, speedy mobile Tap to Donate technology

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