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Let customers pay you on the spot with just their phone!

No terminal, app or power source is required and payments are sent instantly.

Real time, fast digital tips from Strikepay

Instant payments

Accept safe and transparent payments to your Strikepay account instantly

Strikepay tap or scan to tip

Scan or tap to pay

Customers simply scan the QR code, tap with their phone or click a link in your client communications to pay

Strikepay tipping app trusted to earn you more

Secure trackable payments

Receive secure, regular payments to your Strikepay account and cash out daily to your bank account

How to get started

1. Create your Strikepay account for free

Edit your Strikepay profile and link your bank account to cash out

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2. Get paid by your customers

Let your customers scan, tap or click to pay you

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3. Cash out daily

Send your payments straight to your bank account whenever you have a minimum balance of €10

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Customers pay anytime, anywhere

Our 'no-code' integration means that you can include your Strikepay pay link in all client communications and on your website.

Customers follow the link and pay instantly into your Strikepay account.

Email for more information about our integration options.

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Create your Strikepay account  and start receiving payments straight away with your unique QR code
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Customers pay you easily using just their mobile.

Tap the card, scan the code, or click the link.


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