Multi-Agent Online Payments: Umbrella

Manage the collection of funds through invoicing and collections without extra charges or delays with Strikepay Funds Interchange.

Introducing Strikepay

Receive payments from clients into your Strikepay account, without the need to store bank details or bank drafts. Increase the conversion rate and ease of the payment process.

You may also use your funds to pay suppliers without needing to collect bank details, just add them as payees and pay.

Business B is a company that uses agents to collect payments for loans in-person and online.

Having trouble getting paid, Business B was looking for a new way for agents to get paid quicker and save expense accrued due to increased costs of travel.

How did Strikepay provide a solution?

Strikepay created a pay-by-link system, where funds can be gathered from clients, and pooled, with daily transaction reporting as standard for reconciliation.